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Whoa! How did I get here?!

There I was, sitting at my “even a monkey can do this” job. Feeling like I am wasting my time and I should be doing something more meaningful with my life, again. That's when it happened, while I was scheduling classes at the local community college, I came across one class that caught my eye and immediately made me burst out laughing. Healing Through Hypnosis, was being offered as an online Community Education class. I immediately thought this is bull, hypnosis isn’t real, weirdo! Then moved on to the next one on the list. Over the next two weeks the strangest thing kept happening. I would find myself bringing back up that class on my computer and laughing at it again and thinking why are we offering this class?! After many, many times of repeating this, my interest was piqued. This is a college, there has to be something reputable about this, right? So how does hypnosis work? What do you use it for? I've got to figure this out! I blame or should I say credit my dad for this inquisitive mind of mine.

Now I was enrolling for the very class that had provided me mockery and laughs for the past two weeks. Still very skeptical, I began the course. I was immediately intrigued by the history and uses of hypnosis. I had no idea that the funny stage show at the local fair had such deep roots in history or can be used for so many incredible things. I was hooked. I had to know more. While I can’t say I truly learned how to preform hypnosis through this online class, the information it provided me had me Googling for a hypnotherapy school near me. Which was a two hours away.

I loved the idea of helping people through empowering themselves. I was intrigued and awed by how amazing the human mind really is. The power of the subconscious is so incredibly strong and by just tapping into that, people can do and change so many things in their life. What a much better way to spend the ol’ work day.

So, after working all week and driving back and forth to school every weekend for months, I was now trained, certified and ready for guinea pigs. Let’s just say it took a little bit of convincing to get the pigs to line up as I just turned into the black sheep. This is a pretty unusual profession in our neck of the woods. But there was no turning back now! I was inspired to help and had the training to do it. Plus, there was a very special guinea pig that I was determined to make things better for. Even if it was only seemly little things. My Dad.

You see my dad had been diagnosed with a Chondrosarcoma Brain Tumor, and on the day after his 54th birthday he went in for his first of many brain surgeries. Between the surgery and proton radiation treatments he had done reasonably well for about 5 years. Then after that he had a brain surgery about once a year to reduce the size of the tumor and other minor surgeries to deal with the different problems brought on by the brain surgeries and the tumor’s growth. It was like watching him go little pieces at a time. But the mind was still there and still so incredible. I thought for sure he would think this is too weird, but surprisingly he was very open to it, or at least pretended to be for my sake. We will never know. I did hypnosis and taught him EBT (Emotional Balancing Technique), so that he could take back some control, which if you have ever known anyone with cancer, you know how important even the smallest sense of control can be. Also, to help alleviate the different chronic symptoms that he had to deal with on a daily basis. It was amazing to see his shock and excitement that it actually worked. I will always remember how dedicated he could be to something when he decided this was going to help. Every day he would do the things I taught him on himself and when I would come to visit we worked together on the bigger things. Just for this alone all the schooling was worth it.

The sheer joy it brings to empower others is the most amazing feeling you can experience. Once I opened my office, Desired Effects Hypnotherapy, and began getting clientele, I would drive home after work on the most incredible high of seeing the transformations right in front of me. At the beginning of the session the client comes in defeated, distraught and seeing no way out. An hour later they are transformed into endless possibilities, empowered, inspired, relaxed and having amazing changes in their life and mindset. I can’t image a better way to spend my life. I never feel like I am going to work.

To leave you with a little pearl of wisdom, as they say… Be open to the unusual, as it just might be your dream come true.

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