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Are you going to make me quack like a duck?

Yes, that is usually the first question I get when someone calls to ask about hypnotherapy. The second, are you going to control my mind?

As amusing as this sounds, it is a very real concern and blocker for many people who could really benefit from the assistance of hypnotherapy. Someone they know has either seen or participated in stage hypnosis. Then there are the movies... we all have seen how seemingly normal people are completely out of it and made to do things they would never do, right?

Welcome to the world of entertainment. A very different place than that of Hypnotherapy. While stage hypnosis is fun to watch, not just anyone would get in front of a crowd and quack like a duck. It typically is that friend who would do that anyway or after a couple of drinks. So if you aren't "that guy" you won't quack like a duck, even for the stage hypnotist. Have you ever noticed that they always start with a lot of people and then the numbers begin to dwindle down? On to the wooooo part. No, I can't control your mind. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Meaning you are putting yourself into hypnosis and therefore, you are in control. Sorry, Hollywood got it wrong this time.

So what is hypnosis then? It utilizes a normal brainwave, Theta, that you cycle through every day. When you are in this brain wave you have direct access to your subconscious. This is when powerful changes can be made to disrupt and remove patterns, blockers, misconceptions or old beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Have you ever known that you SHOULD be doing one thing, but find yourself doing the opposite? This is the epic battle between the conscious mind and the subconscious. Can you guess who typically wins? Ding, Ding, Ding! That's right, chalk one up for the ol' subconscious. Still not sure if you believe this, I mean you are a very intelligent, rational person here.

Well, let's see if this sounds familiar to you or someone you know. We all know how to lose weight, right? You eat right, drink water and exercise. So why are there so many people who are overweight, and this New Year's Resolution is to lose weight, again? The conscious mind says, "Go home and make a healthy dinner." The subconscious mind says, "Aw... one candy bar won't hurt," as you are going through the checkout line.

And the winner is... The Candy Bar!

Does this mean that you are stuck under the control of your subconscious? No, there are ways that you break its patterns and habits all the time. However, hypnosis just helps you to recognize them, know why they are there and then change them to something that serves you instead of holding you back. We get the subconscious to agree with the conscious mind. With forces joined, not only do you reach your goals, but you reach them quicker and easier. So empower yourself with this amazing tool!


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