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Emily was an absolutely amazing hypnotist that took the time out to really work with me to overcome challenges that I have been facing for years. Can't wait until I'm back in town for another session!

- M

Emily is a wonderful hypnotherapist, and a lovely human being! Definitely a blessing in my life. I thank God that I found her.

- J

I have had NOTHING BUT AMAZING SUCCESS since last seeing you!  I have had no urges, no real thoughts of smoking, nothing.  It feels amazing, and have been passing my little tests with flying colors.  I could not be happier with the outcome.  In fact, when I do smell an actual cigarette burning, it smells like I walked into a gas chamber of exhaust fumes -- horrible!  I can't gag and gasp and get out of there fast enough.

- L

Emily is wonderful at creating a safe and therapeutic environment.  If you are in need of sorting through life's obstacles or emotional hurdles, I definitely recommend Emily.

- M

I was struggling with having to switch from one brand of equipment to another at work, since their controls are the exact opposite.  It was really slowing down my production when I had to use the other equipment instead of the brand I was used to running.  With one session at Desired Effects Hypnotherapy I can run either one like it is second nature, and without having to stop and think out each move prior to doing it.

Thank you!

- J

I had never done hypnotherapy before and I have to admit I was pretty nervous about what to expect.  Desired Effects Hypnotherapy was great with explaining the hypnosis process and answering all of my questions that I was quickly relaxed and ready to go on my journey.

Thank you Emily!

- A

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